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Spiro Carbon is the world's first end-to-end grassroots process that allows individuals to help drive greater carbon sequestration from farmers around the world. With this platform, anyone can fund the transition from conventional to climate-friendly farming practices and the creation of carbon credits by small-holder farmers. This method of global cooperation benefits the investor, the environment and the farmer without having to wait around for governments to take action.

You can be the change in the fight for climate change and economic justice.


Spiro Carbon is changing the way the world approaches carbon projects. Our proprietary method of automating and digitizing the Monitoring, Reporting, & Verification of climate impacting activities allows projects to work at any scale; including very small plots. This opens access to millions of potential beneficiaries worldwide and is helping to drive new GHG reduction at unprecedented scale. By utilizing the power of blockchain, we can create decentralized, trustless systems of certification that open all projects up to public audit through total transparency and traceability; eliminating the need for 3 rd party certifiers and further reducing the cost of offset production.

Our Services

Green Farm Transition

We provide training, equipment and financing to help farmers transition to climate smart methods and begin creating carbon offsets

Carbon Offset MRV

We provide automated, digitized and blockchain-secured Monitoring, Reporting and Verification then mint non- fungible tokens representing specific, unique carbon offsets

Enterprise Offset Programs

We help design and implement carbon footprint offset plans for enterprises to help reach internal carbon neutrality goals, better engage with customers and promote company carbon neutrality efforts

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Environmental Impact

Carbon offset projects should make a measurable and demonstrable impact to greenhouse gas emissions. All Spiro Carbon projects represent actions taken to actively reduce emissions and/or increase C sequestration. This isn’t conserving what’s already there; it’s making active improvements to the total carbon cycle.

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Social Justice

We believe the benefits of reducing GHG emissions should go to those who do the work. And those opportunities should go to those most affected by climate change. That’s why all of our carbon offset providers are smallholder farms whose future livelihoods are threatened by runaway climate change. Buying their offsets helps secure their future.

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Economic Justice

The financial benefit for positive climate action should fall to the one’s actually making the difference. That’s why the producers of our carbon offsets keep 75-90% of the
total value of the offsets. In many cases, this represents an increase in net annual income of up to 20%. That’s life changing.

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